I picked up one of those adult colouring books at Tsutaya a few weeks ago. It has Yoda on the front being all zen, conveying the idea that colouring will calm your mind and make you a Jedi. If this book fails to make me a Jedi, I will write a polite but firm letter of complaint to LucasFilm and Tsutaya.

My husband took a look at the book and said “this is pretty good quality. You should just make copies of all the pages so you can keep colouring.” I thought that was a pretty good idea, but somehow I can’t imagine sneaking into work in the dead of night to use the copy machine in order to make multiple colouring book pages of Yoda and C3PO would be acceptable.

A few nights ago, this conversation actually happened (via text):

Me: Haven’t had the chance to make copies yet, but I really wanna colour Yoda!

Him: Go to 7-11?

Me: Well I already started.

Him: No! Copy!!

Me: Dude, this book has 200 pages. It costs ¥10 per page to copy at 7-11, that’s ¥2000. This book was ¥1400. I’m better off getting another book.

Him: Damn, I guess you’re right.

Me:…but maybe I’ll copy my favourite pages.


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