Shit I’ve said while falling asleep on meds

Not falling asleep literally on top of meds, because that just sounds uncomfortable. I mean like after I’ve taken my meds and they’re making me fall asleep, but my body is going faster than my brain. As recounted by my danna.

“You can have my goats. Mm-hmm. Goats. Goats. Heh heh heh…”

“This is fluffy. I like fluffy stuff.”

“Did you know kangaroos have like 2 vajayjays? And also, swans can be gay.”

(At a roadside stop during a night bus ride) “I’ve never been awake while on these. I think I’m totally high. OMG cookies!”

(With nighttime teeth-grinding guard in and black towel on my head)
EXECUTE order 66!